Dishonest ARK server hosting provider

We formed in 2014. We have played a lot of games and rented tons of servers over the past four years.

Below is our list and why

By far the worst providers that we tested are:


Their support was slow to respond, and we got short non-friendly responses. It almost felt like an overworked, stressed individual. There is a good reason for that… See below.

All the same company and is in on it.

All five providers are the ran by the same company We found that each “company” used the same exact control panel and is obviously GTXgaming. When we put this together, we felt deceived and cheated. Below is an example of and leading directly back to GTXGaming. and false advertising.

GTXGaming also owns A website that says “…we are completely impartial and want our service to be the #1 go-to place for unbias reviews and pricing….”.

The Whois report on the domain name leads us straight to See screenshot below:


This is obvious for the fact that the DNS servers for arkgameserverhosting (GTXGaming) point to

Gaming The System for google search rank is gaming the system by doing what is known as “link schemes” and is in direct violation of Googles Webmaster Guidelines.

They pay for links to websites to GTXGaming and other domain names to increase their search rank score. For example, all of the domains listed in this article are linked on They then link to other websites to manipulate all of their domains in a google search, so most of their website’s show up on page 1 and 2 of Google. Google calls this “Webspam pages”.

You may file a report on them at the link below:

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